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Welcome on Colin Finck's Homepage!
Here you can find PE Builder-Plugins, some self-written applications and other things.

01-28-2008 - FreeBar
The new FreeBar version fixes two bugs of the previous versions. The update is recommended.
FreeBar Website

11-30-2007 - FreeBar
The new FreeBar version fixes some bugs of the previous versions and some operations run faster.
FreeBar Website

09-26-2007 - KLS for PE Builder 3.0
A new version of my tool for changing the keyboard layout under PE systems is now available for download.
The new version now supports WinBuilder as well and requires less settings when you configure it.
KLS for PE Builder

08-26-2007 - FreeBar
The new Version of FreeBar does not create any temporary Files now and yet another Bug has been fixed.
FreeBar Website

08-02-2007 - FreeBar
Several bugs of previous versions were fixed in FreeBar The update is highly recommended.
FreeBar Website

07-15-2007 - FreeBar
The new FreeBar version allows you to move the Toolbar to another Position.
FreeBar Website

05-29-2007 - FreeBar
With the new FreeBar Version you can move Buttons faster and it fixes another bug.
FreeBar Website

05-17-2007 - O&O Defrag 6.x Plug-In
With my new PE Builder Plug-In, you can use the Disk Defragmentation Software O&O Defrag Version 6.x under BartPE.
O&O Defrag 6.x Plug-In

05-12-2007 - FreeBar
The new FreeBar Version adds a "Refresh" Button to the C Menu and fixes two Bugs.
FreeBar Website

05-12-2007 - New Tool: CKill 1.0
CKill is a simple and very small (8 KB) program for terminating processes from the command line.
I released the program under the GPL license, so you can also download the source code.

03-16-2007 - FreeBar 0.9.2, now Open-Source and with a new website
Exact three years after the release of the first FreeBar version 0.9, version 0.9.2 is ready now.
It contains a lot of new features. But a special innovation is that FreeBar is now an Open-Source Project under the GNU GPL. Therefore it also got a new Website at
FreeBar Website

02-19-2007 - Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In - BETA 3
Older versions of the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In had a bug. If newer versions of the Runtime files were installed as well, the Plug-In did not work.
The new version fixes this bug.
Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In

12-13-2006 - Universal-Readout 2.0.3
The newest version of my program for reading out text fixes a bug and contains a slightly improved help file.
Readout - Reads out text

10-28-2006 - .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In - BETA 3
The new version of my .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In adds the switch /noprompts to the CopyNETFiles.exe program. This switch suppresses all prompts like Press any key to ....
This feature is interesting if you want to use CopyNETFiles.exe for example in a batch file. Otherwise you can still use the BETA 2 version.
.NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In

10-12-2006 - Changes at the PE Builder link list
If you wanted to add a link to my PE Builder link list, you could do this directly at the page up to now. Unfortunately, I had to remove this feature, because some people used it for spamming.
Of course you can still add links to the list by writing me an E-Mail.
PE Builder link list

08-25-2006 - Universal-Readout 2.0.2
Today I released a new version of Universal-Readout, my application for reading out text. It fixes several errors of the previous versions.
Readout - Reads out text

07-20-2006 - New versions of the .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In and the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In
The .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In are now available as a BETA 2 version.
Both plugins are now available for Windows PE (2004 or later), too. Additionally, the .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In runs more reliable and the .NET 2.0 Files take less space on the BartPE/WinPE Disc.
.NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In
Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In

02-20-2006 - .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In and Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In
Two new PE Builder plugins are on my website. They are both in their first BETA version.
The Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In adds support for programs, which are dynamically linked to the Visual C++ 2005 Runtime, to BartPE. It is also needed by the .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In.
The .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In adds support for applications, developed in .NET-based languages such as Visual Basic 2005, C# and J#, to BartPE.
.NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In
Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In

02-15-2006 - .NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In - Version 1.0.1
The new version 1.0.1 of my .NET Framework 1.1 plugin fixes some bugs of the previous release.
.NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In

12-30-2005 - .NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In - Version 1.0
The final version of my .NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In is ready to download. It now also supports Microsoft Windows PE 2004 (or later). Additionally it fixes some errors of the previous versions.
Please test the new version and if you find an error, write me an E-Mail, because I want to use this version as a base for my coming .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In.
.NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In

12-28-2005 - Website changes
I have closed my plugin depot LPDP now. Instead every plugin has got an own webpage with more information.
Additionally I've made many small changes on the whole website.
Current versions

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