Licensing - Make ReactOS conform again!

The ReactOS Hackfest 2017 is still ongoing and I held my second presentation today, digging into the delicate topic of Licensing.

ReactOS has grown to an enormously complex project over the years, making use of numerous other open-source projects to reach its goals. Each of them comes with a license, which usually doesn’t just grant you rights but also comes with obligations.
At a project of ReactOS' size, you easily lose track of all involved licenses and their clauses.
Can I combine GPL code with BSD code?
What parts of my program are affected when a single source code file is under the GPL?
What do I have to do when I want to import Apache-2.0 licensed code?

This talk aims to provide some answers to these questions, along with instructions on how to improve our license conformance in ReactOS. As always, you can find my slides in the press-media repository.
Hope you get some new insights from the video: