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Readout - Reads out text

Last changed: 10-20-2007

With my Readout programs your computer can read out text. This feature is based on the Microsoft Agent technology.
At the moment there are three Readout applications: The main package (Universal-Readout), a plugin for Microsoft Word (Word-Readout) and a plugin for StarOffice/ Writer (Writer-Readout).

System requirements
As the operating system requirement you need Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. Probably the applications also work with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, but this is not tested. You also need:
  • the Microsoft Agent Core components (already installed on Windows 2000/ME or later or on Office 2000 or later)
  • at least one of the Microsoft Agents with text-to-speech support (ACS file)
  • the SAPI 4.0-Runtime
  • at least one SAPI 4.0 speech driver (e.g. the free TTS3000 or TruVoice)
You can download these components from the Microsoft Agent homepage.
First click on Download the Microsoft Agent core components (395 KB exe), to download the core components. You do not need them if you use Windows 2000/ME or later or Office 2000 or later.
After that you need a Microsoft Agent. This is the character which speaks the text. On the Microsoft homepage you can find Merlin (wizard), Genie (ghost), Peedy (bird) and Robby (robot) (the voice does not differ). So jump to the topic Microsoft Agent character files, select an Agent and click on Download selected character.
Then you need the SAPI 4.0-Runtime and an appropriate speech driver. You can find the SAPI 4.0 runtime at the topic SAPI 4.0 runtime support. Here click on Download the Microsoft SAPI 4.0a runtime binaries (824 KB exe).
You can get the free TTS3000 and TruVoice speech drivers at the topic Text-to-speech engines. Here select the language and click on Download selected engine.
Now install the components in this order. When you installed Universal-Readout, you can also check with the help file, if all components are successfully installed.

Here you find an installation package for Universal-Readout and the plugins Word-Readout and Writer-Readout. All packages include an english and a german version of the applications. But you also need some components for the speech output (see System requirements or the including help file).
You need Universal-Readout to use the plugins.

Universal-Readout 2.0.3 (1.88 MB)

Plugin for Microsoft Word (Word-Readout 2.0) (320.72 KB)
Plugin for StarOffice/ Writer (Writer-Readout 2.0) (11.47 KB)

Version 2.0.3 (12-13-2006)
  • Bugfix: In rare cases, the Options dialog could crash in version 2.0.2 while changing a voice
  • Slightly improved help file

Version 2.0.2 (08-25-2006)
  • Several bugfixes

Version 2.0.1 (11-09-2005)
  • Improved Universal-Readout API
  • Small bugfixes in Universal-Readout Console

Version 2.0 (06-21-2005)
  • Completely new development
  • Now supports all installed speech drivers
  • Universal-Readout now includes an easy application to read out the clipboard
  • Now includes a help file
  • New Options dialog
  • New feature: Repeat text
  • New feature: Do not read brackets
  • Word-Readout now uses Universal-Readout
  • Writer-Readout can read out selected text parts now

Do you have questions, suggestions, criticism or something like that? Or did you find a bug? Then you can write me an E-Mail. My E-Mail address is . You can also click on the following E-Mail link:


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