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Drive Image 2002 Plugin

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Drive Image 2002 Plugin
Last changed: 08-18-2006

Author: Colin Finck
Version: 1.0.2
Requires: - PE Builder 3.x
- A legal installed PowerQuest Drive Image 2002 (is also included in Drive Image 7.0)

With this plugin, you can use the hard disk imaging application Drive Image 2002 of PowerQuest under BartPE.


Version 1.0.2 (08-27-2004)
  • Fixes an error (Version 1.0.1 only worked, if the BartPE disc was inserted in drive E)
Version 1.0.1 (08-15-2004)
  • After the creation of an image, an error message does not appear any longer
Version 1.0 (02-06-2004)
  • Initial release

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