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BitDefender 9 Professional Plus Plugin

BitDefender 9 Professional Plus Plugin
Last changed: 02-26-2007

Author: Detlef Willsch
Version: 3.2
Requires: - PE Builder 3.x
- BitDefender 9 Professional Plus
- Sherpya's XPE 1.0.2 or later

With this plugin, you can use the security suite BitDefender 9 Professional Plus of Softwin under BartPE.
A plugin setup tool is included.
The following features can be used under BartPE:
  • Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Update


Version 3.2 (02-26-2007)
  • The path to the plugin can now contain spaces
Version 3.0 (02-21-2006)
  • New feature Hard disk update: Uses the virus signatures of an installed BitDefender under a real Windows XP
Version 2.0 (02-10-2006)
  • Integrates the Skin directories, so the update won't be cancelled.
Version 1.0 (11-11-2005)
  • Initial release

If you have questions or problems with this plugin, please write an E-Mail to

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