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.NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In

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.NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In
Last changed: 10-28-2006

Author: Colin Finck
Version: BETA 3
Requires: - PE Builder 3.x or Microsoft Windows PE 2004 or 2005
- an installed .NET Framework 2.0 runtime
- Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Plug-In

This is a BETA version of a .NET Framework 2.0 Plug-In. Please use this version only for testing purposes. Otherwise use my .NET Framework 1.1 Plug-In, if possible.
The .NET Framework 2.0 is needed by applications, which are developed with .NET-based languages such as Visual Basic 2005, C# and J#.


BETA 3 (10-28-2006)
  • Adds the switch /noprompts to CopyNETFiles.exe. If you enable it, the program will not display prompts like Press any key to ....
BETA 2 (07-20-2006)
  • Initial release of the WinPE version
  • Copies the .NET files more reliable
  • Takes less space on the BartPE/WinPE Disc
BETA 1 (02-20-2006)
  • Initial release

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